Review of the Candy Bonanza slot game! Today, the PGSLOT team will discuss fresh, colorful slot games with a candy-based theme.

Candies and gum of various hues. Playing and making you feel wonderful, enjoyable to play, simple to play, and profitable, this is one of the finest games ever. (Because it’s a new game, PGSOFT is particularly difficult on players.)

The game’s main strategy does not require paylines like other slot games, but instead employs a novel method with identical reward symbols. Connect five symbols vertically or horizontally to win payouts proportional to the symbol’s payout rate. Symbols have a very high probability of falling adjacent to one another due to the fact that the slot table includes up to 36 slots, 6 reels, and 6 rows, giving them a very high chance of landing adjacent to one another. Up to 2,500 payouts from popular payoff symbols are accessible at all times.

Sweet Bonanza, the well-known game from Pragmatic Play, is among the recommended games.

Typical icons in the Candy Bonanza slot game.

In Candy Bonanza, there are just eight standard reward symbols, and there is no need to consider paylines because identical symbols can appear vertically or horizontally. Only complete 5 images to be eligible for rewards. And may also get rewards for up to 36 symbols, the highest bonus is more than 2,000 baht, with payment rates for each symbol shown below:

yellow wrapped candy sign The highest payout rate is 2,500 times the wager.

Symbol of pink wrapped candy There is a payout rate limit of 1,800 times.

Sign for blue wrapped candy There is a 1,200-fold maximum payout rate.

Symbol for green wrapped candy Has a maximum payout rate of 1,000 times

The orange spade candy symbol may pay out up to 800 times the wager.

The reward for the pink heart candy symbol might go up to 600 times the wager.

Green candy club emblem There is a 400-fold maximum payout rate.

Symbol of Blue Diamond Candy The highest payout rate is 200 times the wager.

Special Candy Bonanza SLOT DEMO Game Symbols

On our website, you may try out Candy Pop for free. Special icons in this candy-themed slot game. There will be a total of two categories, and both will be symbols that make it easier to win rewards during normal gameplay. In addition to symbols that activate unique features in high-paying games. The two special characters are listed below.

Unique Symbol

The Wild Symbol in the Candy Bonanza SLOT DEMO game is a multicolored chewing gum with the word “WILD” written on it. Except for a single Free Spins icon. Additionally, it is a sign that is part of a unique characteristic.

Old but enjoyable, the Candy Burst fruit slot game is highly recommended.

Free Spins icon

This game’s Free Spin icon is a golden wrapped candy with the text “FREE SPIN” on it. Can be utilized to activate the Free Spins feature for ten eyeballs, and if more than three Free Spin symbols show, the player will earn two more free spins for each symbol added.

Unique Characteristics of the Candy Bonanza Candy Game

Up to four categories of players have access to the Candy Bonanza free trial game’s special features, including those that make it easier to win rewards. Features that improve earnings and gaming bonuses are also included. The following are specifics for each feature.

Multiplier Feature

With each victory, the Multiplier function is triggered. Which will be the rate of constantly multiplying the earnings by 1 each time a winning combination is achieved? or consistent victory If you can string together numerous combinations The pace of prize multiplier accumulation will continue until the combination is exhausted.

Unique Wild Feature

The Special Wild feature is a special feature that activates when three or more levels of six or more identical symbols are rewarded.

If six of the same symbol result in a win, one wild symbol will be added randomly on the next turn.

If you win with seven identical symbols, two random Wilds will be added to your next round.

If eight or more of the same symbol win, three additional Wilds will be added randomly on the next turn.

Large Candy Highlight

The Big Candy feature is activated when four identical symbols make a square on the slot grid. All four symbols will combine into one large symbol if any of the four large symbols is won. The reward money collected will be multiplied by a special rate of two.

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Bonus Free Spins Function

Free Spins Bonus Capability The function is activated when three or more Free Spin icons appear on the grid. Each reward earned accumulates an unique multiplier rate of 1x until the conclusion of the feature and for all remaining Wild Symbols. It will remain in its current place until it wins a reward. maybe remain till the conclusion of the film

Review of the Candy Bonanza Slot Machine Free sample

The Candy Bonanza candy slot game is a type of Keno slot game in which the bonus is simple to break. because it does not require a payline to determine a game’s winner and loser You can only obtain 5 or more identical symbols in a row. You can now get awards. The gaming system also has specific elements that facilitate gameplay. The bonus is violated more frequently. In addition, there is increased prize money. Just standard prizes are up to 2500 times, and there is also a continuous combination to obtain entertaining, lucrative benefits, even without the extra function. And you may also test Candy Bonanza by applying for a PGSLOT membership 24 hours a day via the website or LINE@.






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