This has in short order become my #1 series to compose. Not exclusively am I bringing you different and fun games from around the world, however as a rule, I get to learn and encounter another game for myself. I’m an admirer of culture and variety so seeing this large number of games new to me is such a treat many months. In the event that you haven’t perused the past articles look at them here.

In this part, we have games from Iceland and Russia, two wonderful nations as I would like to think. The game from Iceland is called Trjamann and freely means “tree man”. It’s a minor departure from the game Manni likewise beginning from Iceland.

The other game I have for you today is Durak, apparently the most well-known game in Russia. The word Durak means “fool”, which on account of this game is the washout. Nobody said we must be great games, all’s fair infatuated and games, isn’t that so?


Trjamann is a variety of Manni, another Icelandic game. In Trjamann three players are managed hands of 16 cards each and the objective is to win or lose stunts in light of wagers and agreements made before the game. Sound confounding? Allow me to make sense of.

In Trjamann rather than the trump suit making a turn like in ordinary Manni, a not entirely settled by a declarer player left of the seller. The declarer begins the round by settling on one of four unique agreements that this round will be played under. All through the game however, which comprise of 12 adjusts, every player should pick every one of the agreements.

The agreements comprise of the accompanying. There is the Nullo contract in which players are attempting to not win stunts by any stretch of the imagination, and there is no trump suit. There is likewise the stupendous agreement which implies there’s no trump suit, however players are currently attempting to win stunts.

In the agreement Spades, players attempt to win stunts and the trump suit is spades. In the last agreement called other, the declarer might pick a suit to be trump, yet it really depends on the players to choose before the game in the event that spades can be picked. In others, the objective is still to win stunts.

Following the agreement being known as the declarer can trade cards with the “manni”, which is only the four extra cards from the arrangement. After this, the round is played by the agreement made. All things considered an extremely fun game and on the off chance that you definitely know how to play Manni, not the considerably more confounded.


In Russia, Durak is presumably the most well known game, and it’s not difficult to see the reason why it’s a truly fun and energetic game. In Durak there can be 2, 4 or 6 players either playing separately in two players or being in even groups in games with more.

Durak is a perplexing game yet to provide you with its outline, Durak is a methodology game including sessions where there is a going after player, who can be helped by different players and a safeguard, who is all alone. The objective of the game is to win goes after so the protector should get the cards. Eventually, players are attempting to not be the last individual holding cards since this individual is the Durak.

There is no victor just failures and the individual or group that had cards remaining is typically made to accomplish something humiliating like creeping under the table and uttering creature sounds. There are likewise generally scorned by the triumphant group, obviously, it’s all in great tomfoolery.






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